Dear Birthmother Letter <3

Hello potential birthmother…

This is defiantly the hardest letter we have ever written and probably will ever write. Sitting here writing a letter to the potential birthmother of our baby and wondering what she might want to know from us to make her decision possible is so incredibly humbling. Putting our lives on paper it not that easy todo for life in of it self is beautifully complex, so we hope we can do our story justice. Here goes our best effort in letting you in, on pieces of our lives and who we are today, we hope you enjoy.


Us with family in Lake Tahoe ❤

Here is a little example of how life would be with us- This summer we went to Lake Tahoe, wow can I say gorgeous… sooo many trails filled with spectacular nature, breathtaking views & a breeze that made you think of hot chocolate & hot tea. We did a hike to a crystal clear lake. The boys ended up swiming in their undies, it was all we had & we couldn’t pass on the opportunity hehehe… The boys where in a “viking vibe” with sticks in hand, that we helped them find on our way down the hike. We fed the ducks, jumped on rocks & defeated the make belief bugs one stick at a time on our way back up the hike.

Kids are trully so much fun, an adventure to delight on because they grown up so fast. We love them so much <3! We encourage them to be them selves, respect others, love of God & family, education, being nice & hard working. 


Us on an adventure ;D …

Our family- We are a couple that have a lot of fun together. Vinny swears that I’m the funny one, but he is the one that is always making me laugh. I guess in reality we are always making each other & others around us laugh. We are goofy, playful & friendly in our leisure times, but serious when it comes to work. Vinny works out of our home office while I have the best job in the world, a stay at home wife. We are an active family & we enjoy doing all things together. We spend lots of time with friends & family as well. In the summer we spend many Saturdays at the beach or the bay with a big group of kiddos & their parents.

We also like to travel whenever possible. We enjoy music, jokes, movies, good food, people, nature, animals etc… In short we take advantage of every opportunity that life brings our way when it comes to love & people


Us with are nieces, celebrating the day we signed with SD Adoption Center ❤

Why Andresa knows Vinny is going to be the best dad- I have a great one to compare him to, thanks to my Dad… but in all seriousness I have watched him for years with our nephews, nieces & friend’s kids. He enjoys playing with them, sometimes I think he thinks he’s a kid too because he looks like he is having just us much fun as they are. Vinny’s parents have been married 45 plus years & Vinny always speaks highly of his dad, he has a great dad he learns from. Ten years ago when our son Dominic was born premature, he went to check on him every moment he had. He didn’t leave his side. Vinny slept on the floor of my hospital room for 10 days, he changed his diaper, took photos of him every day, prayed & wished him goodbye with secret tears when the Lord decided to bring Dominic to Him. Vinny believes with all his heart that his job is to protect his family so he stayed strong. I sleep easier at night when he is by my side, because I know he would give his life for us. He is a great provider & I know nothing will lack for our kiddo. Also he is respectful, faithful, loving to me. I could never describe in words how much I love this man & how amazing he is. I’m blessed & thankful beyond words :)!


Andresa and our nephews ❤

Why Vinny knows Andresa would be the best mom-  Andresa is the most amazing woman I have ever meet. She is loyal, supportive, funny, great cook, her faith inspires me & great companion. I like to do everything with her. I believe marriage is the biggest commitment one can make on earth; marriage is choosing a lifelong partner to do life with. I prayed for a year when I was ready to commit to marriage & God brought me Andresa who has been my faithful companion for 11yrs now. God blessed me with this beautiful woman. She always takes good care of me & our home. I like the way Andresa’s cares & educates our nephews & nieces. She treats them with love, patience, respect & yet firm when necessary. I know she will be a great mom; honestly I believe she was born to be a mother. Andresa is a stay at home wife, she does an amazing job at it. She will be a very good stay at home mom. I’m looking forward to being a dad & having a little one at home with us.


Andresa’s Grandma, little sister, mom and blacky the dog @ Ob1 church

We love San Diego & we are here to stay – In our opinion we live in the best place in the world. We have family, friends, restaurants, trails, parks, beaches, groceries, Mission Bay & so much more about 10 minutes or less from us and we feel blessed for it. Our townhouse is located in a family oriented complex. We choose this location because of all the activities available in close range,that Andresa has lots of family near by, including her mom. Both of us were born in Brazil & meet in a church in ocean beach 14yrs ago. Yet we have lots of roots in SD; family, business, church & childhood friends. SD is where our heart is, where we plan to stay forever 🙂 & raise our kiddo.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter we will continue to pray for you and us on this journey.

If u decided open adoption is the best for you or you know someone that might want to consider open adoption. We recommend you speak with Sarah Jensen Elhoff @ Adoption Center of SD @ (858)535-3033. She is just amazing !!! She cares about everyone involved and she is knowledgeable…

With love, Vinny & Andresa