A bit about open adoption & more

Open Adoption & more …  12068803_1636645946609127_2760129162849238789_o

We are waiting to be matched with a birth mother. Birth parents choose what family they intrust their precious baby with in open adoption.

We have chosen open adoption for our family; that means that the birth mom will be able and encouraged to keep in touch with our baby and be an extended part of our family. We believe open adoption is the best for our child… who will have the opportunity to be loved by more people and will have more people to love ❤ …

Birthparent’s and adoptive parents don’t have a co-parent relationship. Birth mom’s/ birthparent’s choose open adoption because they aren’t able or ready to parent at this time in their lives. Birthparents relinquishes their parental rights for the hope of a life for their babies that they can’t provide or aren’t ready to provide at this time in their lives. Their unselfish act of love should be seen for what it is, an unselfish act of love!

Adoptive parents such as ourselves are at a place in our lives were we are more than ready, but because of infertility or some other reason have not been able to parent biological children. So we embrace the amazing gift presented to us… with much love, respect, admiration, humbleness and much much more ❤ ! We adoptive parents receive our precious baby from God the creator of life, through an unselfish love of woman for her baby. And we become an extended family to each other :), bonded by the love of a common denominator ❤ … the love we share for the same child !

Open adoption may not be for everyone. Vinny and I certainly believe that open adoptions is a loving, caring, brave, compassionate option for many woman and birth families who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy and is unable, not ready to be a parent, at that time in their lives. Open adoption is full of love, dreams coming true, LIFE, hope, friendship, compassion, humanity and so much more …

Some of you may want to help so here is how you can help 🙂 …

1)Spread the word about open adoption and maybe just maybe save a life 🙂 ? We have already heard of someone who has, shared and saved a life.

2)Pray for our our baby, the birth family and our family ? 

3)Be willing if the opportunities arrives to share that u know a couple that is looking to be matched with a birth mother 🙂 ? Or that u know of a none profit organization that can possibly help with another option, San Diego Adoption Center (858)535-3033.

Being vulnerable is not easy for us, but we have been willing to make our journey public  because of a greater cause that God has put in our hearts. Open adoption, adoption can and does saves lives ❤ everyday !!! That is a cause that empowers us to be willing to be vulnerable with you all 🙂 … we believe everyone deserves a choice, even the little humans that can’t yet talk for themselves, but does everything in their power to continue to live and will most likely succeed if their mother/birthmother does not choose abortion as their only choice. Vinny and I desire to be parents as well and if sharing helps that dream come true, that would be a blessing as well!!

Adoption is love ❤ ❤ ❤

We thank everyone that has taken our vulnerability to heart and in return given us grace, prayers, help, kindness and encouragement :)!!! 

Love the Verona Family ❤


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